You can delete an email in the related settings or search engine settings. An email account is the collection of information about the person who has DOB, Gender, age, phone number, and personal Mail in the account. You need to optimize the mail account with detail and provide a secure password in the settings.

You need to have a mail account to get Mail from someone and send the Mail to others. An email account is an electronic Mail which is the message sent to the recipient through electronic message through the internet. An email account is a common id in the modern world and connects the world through the digital message on the internet.


The email account can be deleted simply from settings and download the data before deleting the email account. The email account has the personal Mail in the database stored in the warehouse. You can delete the email account as per the terms and conditions.

On the internet, you can create an email in many ways from various websites. You can make email and delete the email in the same way from the internet. You don’t have to pay and take permission from the government to delete the account from the internet. You can easily delete the account from the settings, and many websites follow the same way.

We have described every email delete in the process of a detailed way from the internet. You can download the data from the Mail and delete the Mail in the settings.



Gmail Account is the Mail used by most of the people around the world. You can delete the Gmail account from google in the simple steps. Please follow the guideline below to download the data from the Gmail and Delete the Gmail from Google.

  1. Open the Google website and search for the GMAIL in the Search Box. Open the first LinkLink in the search results and click on the SIGN IN. You can see the Google Account Email Box and password here.
  2. Please enter the GMAIL ID and Password in the empty box and click on the sign-in. You can see the Gmail Inbox and Mail here. Google Account is available only when you sign in the account.
  3. Please click on the Top grid Icon and you will get the more icon with MY ACCOUNT, PHOTOS, DRIVE as shown in the image. You can see the MY ACCOUNT here in the Grid options.
  4. Please click on the MY ACCOUNT option here. You will see Account security, Account preferences, Account privacy options here.
  5. Choose the DATA & PERSONALIZATIONin the settings. In the Data & personalization page, you will have many options here. Please scroll down and look for the option or text to DOWNLOAD, DELETE OR MAKE A PLAN FOR YOUR DATA from the Mail. Here you can see the option to DOWNLOAD and DELETE DATA from the Mail.
  6. Click on the “DELETE A SERVICE” on the next page. Once you click on the option, you will get the sign-in account again to confirm to delete the account. Here you need to select the TRASH ICON next to service you want to delete.
  7. You will receive the Mail to access the verification mail, and you can finalize the deletion process.
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Yahoo is a famous search engine and attracted millions of visitors in the world. Yahoo Account is used by old internet users in the world. Yahoo account is still accessible in Yahoo and used by many users. Yahoo has faced a lot of data breaches in the past years. Yahoo has increased its security to access the accounts from the yahoo. You can still access the old and delete the account from Yahoo.

Here are the simple steps to access the Yahoo Account and download the data, delete the account from Yahoo.

  1. Open the Yahoo Website and sign in your account. Please click on this link to delete the account from this LinkPlease click on the link and enter the Account ID and Password here as shown in the image. On the click on the continue on the page and enter the mail id in the box.
  2. Please click on the terminate this account on the page. and your account will be deleted in the yahoo in the schedule.
  3. You can activate your account in the yahoo in the 90 days duration otherwise your account will be deleted in yahoo.


outlook Delete settings

The outlook is the Mail account which is used to access the information from the recipient. The outlook is similar to Mail like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL. Outlook provides through the Microsoft and Made mandatory to access the windows. Microsoft Outlook is used for Games Xbox, Windows, Microsoft Cloud in it.

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You can delete the Outlook Account in the simple process from the Microsoft website. You need to follow the simple instructions as given below here.

  1. Open the Microsoft outlook official website to sign in your account in the browser. Please sign in your account on the Outlook website. You can see the images below and follow in the same way.
  2. You can see the Inbox, spam, trash, compose options on the outlook website. You can have a lot of options on the website.
  3. Please click on the Settings option on the website which is located in the top-right corner as mentioned in the Image. Please click on the options in MORE MAIL SETTINGS on the outlook website.
  4. Choose the options to CLOSE ACCOUNT on the website. You need to enter the password and delete the account by clicking the next in the account.
  5. Your account will be deactivated and delete the account is confirmed. Your account will be closed.

outlook Delete settings


In the above steps mentioned, we can delete the email in the settings based on the privacy policy, but the cache files and data will be saved to restore the Mail in the future. Mail from the various websites that are deleted in the above steps can be restored with 90 days period of duration cycle to get the mails. Please share this article on social media.

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