How to Create a Routine that Works for You

Creating a routine may be hard to start with, but there is endless evidence that shows that it can improve your mood, allow you to sleep more easily, and allow better eating habits.

Unfortunately, many people stop at getting a planner and think they’ve tried everything.  Instead of giving up there, here are some other options to help you create a routine that will allow you to work.

Regardless of what you find works, be patient with yourself.  Change takes time.

Consider The Important Parts of Your Day

What parts of your day are the most important?  Do you need an hour a day to study?  Do you work eight or more hours?  Think about what parts of your day are the most essential and how they shape the rest of your day.  Although it might not be fun to realize your entire day, for five to six days a week, is wholly scheduled around work, it’s essential to recognize that if it’s true.

Where Are You Having Trouble?

What parts of your day are the most difficult? For example, do you find that you’re always late getting to work?  Are you more likely to eat junk food because you don’t make time to cook and prepare food?  Are you avoiding looking at Fort Lauderdale houses for sale despite your lease being up in two months?  Think about what parts of your day you accidentally short yourself on time.  Even if you don’t mind shorting them, neglecting them may be ruining other parts of your day.

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Is Your Daily Schedule Flexible?

One of the most significant issues some people have is sleep.  We have issues getting up and starting our days, or we have problems falling asleep and restarting our daily cycle.  Do you notice that you have an easier time working at night or that you have more energy at night than you do in the day?  If your schedule is flexible, and you can request shift changes, consider doing it.  This step may sound oversimplified, but we all have our circadian rhythm, and if yours feels driven to work at a particular time, you should let it.

What Rewards Do You Have In Place?

We all need little treats in our day to make it go by easier.  Sometimes it can be treated like food; other times, you might need a couple of minutes of loud music to get through a break period.  Figure out what things you enjoy and how you can space them out to make the day easier, like how most work shifts have breaks spaced out in them.

How To Piece It Together:

Plan out a week at a time, and don’t micromanage yourself; this might look like you say you get up between seven and eight in the morning and leave for work and eat breakfast sometime between eight and eight-thirty.  As long as you’re out the door by eight-thirty if you’re able to arrive at work in time, this loose schedule will allow you to surprise yourself and give you a chance to leave earlier.  Space out breaks and treats for yourself throughout the day, and ensure you include at least twenty minutes of mindfulness and peace.  You deserve it.

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