How Denim Changed Over the Last 21 Years

Fashion trends come and go, but jeans always stay as a staple in wardrobes. They are a unique style of denim that changes year after year. Over the past few decades, loose jeans have been picking up popularity, while tight and low-waisted fits are still the love of many.

It’s a clothing line with every color, shape, and style in its arsenal. With that laid out, here is a glimpse of what jeans looked like throughout the last 21 years:

2000: Blinged-Out Jeans Became a Trend

The early 2000s was a strange period for jeans, and the fashion trend was growing every passing year. It started with embellished jeans, which included a lot of glitters.

2001: Jeans With Laces Were the Novelty

Over time, the fringe trim became a lace trim. A special brand, Mudd, made a later-on popular choice: they put laces on the sides or even the front of the jeans legs at will.

2002: Belt Loops Got Larger

The 2000s were famous for a strange accessory: an unusually long belt. Therefore, many jeans had wide belt loops to suit the trend.

2003: Ultra-Low Level Flares Re-Emerged

The early 2000s were somewhat reminiscent of the 1970s, thanks to the return of low-rise flared jeans. They were almost like flared pants, but not exactly.

2004: The Back Pocket Disappeared

For a brief period in the early 2000s, jeans lost their back pockets. Instead, a semi-circle that grabbed more attention to your butt took its place.

2005: Capri Pants Returned

In the 1960s, shorts called Capris were all the rage. In the early 2000s, they made a comeback in various washed denim forms.

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2006: Ombré Jeans Got Popular

A popular style was jeans with lighter wash in the middle of the legs and a darker wash at the bottom, making your legs look longer. It gave off an attractive gradual effect.

2007: The Jeans Were Low Enough To Expose Your Thong

In the early 2000s, low-rise jeans were so popular that many people even forgot the meaning of high-rise jeans.

2008: Denim Was No Longer Blue

Denim has gone colorful instead of the typical medium wash (even light or dark). From gray and snakeskin to random patterns, jeans were never dull.

2009: Jeggings Took Over the World

After a few epic years, it was only a matter of time before the popularity of jeans waned, and jeggings replaced it around 2009. Technically, they are still jeans, but they are very stretchy and almost feel like tights.

2010: Boyfriend Jeans Stepped Up

Remember the square jeans that were all the rage in the 1960s? They came back in the form of boyfriend jeans, loose, cuffed, and sometimes torn in some way.

2011: Dark Skinny Jeans Became the Norm

Baggy boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans got famous, preferably in dark washes. This trend uprising happened after Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a pair during the 2011 Royal Tour of North America.

2012: Jeans Got Vibrant and Colorful

Skinny jeans weren’t fashionable enough, so colored skinny jeans entered the stage. In this year, almost all the shades were wearable.

2013: Patchwork Denim Made a Grand Entrance

In 2013, jeans became more creative. Combinations of cutting and washing grew more popular, as were mosaics and decorations.

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2014: The Return of Overalls

In a short period, jumpsuits became fashionable again. Although they were often worn loose in the 1990s, in this decade, they inclined to tight-fitting tailoring.

2015: Jeans Were Still Thin Yet High-Waisted

As we moved away from the low-rise jeans of the early 2000s, high-waisted jeans became increasingly popular, especially the skinny high-rise jeans in 2015.

2016: Cut and Flared Denim Took Over

The 1970s style made a comeback, which was evident in the big trend of denim-tailored and flared jeans.

2017: You Could See Frayed Hems Everywhere

In 2017, the frayed hem trend that was once popular in the 1970s was back in fashion.

2018: It’s All About Exciting New Ideas and Virality

2018 was the year of the jeans trend. From 9-foot long jeans to expensive layered jeans, the idea was to take risks and try new things.

2019: Denim Jumpsuits and Dresses Caught Attention

Throughout the year, from jumpsuits to dresses, all kinds of celebrities wore one-piece denim. This popular style came in many forms, whether you liked a practical suit with a draped waist or a modern case with a flared hem.

2020: Jeans Were Not a Big Trend, but Loose Fits Were the People’s Choice

In the ongoing global pandemic, when many workers began to work from home, comfortable fashion became popular.

Because of this change, organized fashion such as jeans was no longer a wardrobe staple for some. But when people choose to wear jeans, they tend to choose loose or elastic fits.

2021: New Denim Trends Are Rising

Many designers go back to basics and focus on simple washes and timeless styles that guarantee staying in power. In contrast, other designers go all out with bold cuts and bright colors to celebrate the return of royal pants.

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One of the biggest denim trends today is light-wash straight-leg jeans, along with baggy 90’s jeans and denim midi skirts. Full-length jeans are also in style now, together with colored acid wash jeans.

Despite the widespread pandemic, jeans are still relevant and popular in 2021.


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