Getting Glasses for the First Time? Here are the Tips to Help You Get Through the Adjustment Phase

Macquarie Centre is a popular shopping centre found in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. Its name comes from its location as it is found across Macquarie University’s main campus, making it easily accessible. Home to over 360 stores featuring different brands, Macquarie Centre is undoubtedly a go-to place for food, entertainment, and shopping. The massive centre is also home to clinics, such as eye clinics with optometrists who can help check on your vision while you are shopping around.

A common frustration with getting glasses is the long wait period that comes with it, but the advantage of visiting a Macquarie Centre optometrist is that you can find various things to do to pass the time while waiting for yours. That said, wearing glasses for the first time can be a new feeling, so it often comes with what is known as an adjustment period. You may experience slight dizziness or a sense of being off-balance because of how different your surroundings look.

Read these tips and tricks that can help you get through the adjustment period, and in no time, you will be used to having your glasses on throughout your day!

Wear Your Glasses

It may sound counterintuitive, but truthfully, the best thing to do to get used to the feeling of your glasses is to wear them every day. You may experience some discomfort due to the sudden clarity and sharpness in your vision, but this will only be temporary as your eyes adjust to the new feeling. Headaches and dizziness are normal in your first day or so, so feel free to take short breaks in between your day.

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However, if the symptoms are severe to the point that it becomes a distraction from your daily activities, contact your Macquarie Centre optometrist to ask about it.

Clean Your Glasses

Wearing glasses in itself is an adjustment for your eyes, so you naturally want to eliminate any other forms of discomfort. To do this, keep your glasses and lenses clean at all times. Smudges, dust particles, and other forms of dirt can easily be distracting and cause blurry or distorted vision. You will get used to this once you get the hang of wearing your glasses, but if it is your first time, these smudges can be particularly uncomfortable.

Clean your glasses with a soft and scratch-free cloth and an appropriate lens cleaner regularly. Doing this from day one will also help you get into the habit of keeping your lenses clean, which will be important in maintaining your glasses.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

As much as possible, try to limit your activities to simple and non-strenuous things while you are still adjusting to your glasses. These include walking around your house, up and down the stairs, sitting and standing, and possibly some simple exercises. Once you get more acquainted with wearing your glasses, you can then proceed to short-distance driving before you proceed with longer-distance driving.

Indeed, getting glasses for the first time will require you to adjust to the feeling of wearing them. The clearer surroundings may catch you off-guard initially, but all it really takes is some time getting used to your new vision. Over time, the adjustment period will pass, and your glasses will be like second nature and feel like the most natural thing to have on!

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