Among this guide, Download Facebook Video Downloader first we will show Facebook users how to import or save the video they’re watching to their Android phone on Facebook Lite without using any android apps. Once again by following the instructions below, you should be ready to download videos that you watch directly to your phone on Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite is small in size but does not collect data such as the messages app. Besides these it also operates well on weak network and on 2 G (GPRS / EDGE) service comfortably. A lot of new features were introduced after it was released, including the ability to watch video uploaded, tweeted, and available on page. Although, Facebook doesn’t offer users the option to download the video.

Download Facebook Video Downloader

How Download Facebook Video Downloader

Most of the classic Facebook features, such as sharing a timeline, photo-liking, people searching, and editing your profile and groups, are available on the app. Its distinctive features provide:

  1. Find family and friends
  2. Upload notifications on status & using Facebook icons to help relax just what is happening into your universe.
  3. Share pictures and videos of your choosing.
  4. If friends like to get notified and post on your comments.
  5. Local social activities, RSVP and plans to meet friends.
  6. Communicate with friends by adding comments or replies to their Facebook posts.
  7. Save photos by transferring them to your mementos.
  8. Continue following people up to get the latest news.

Download Facebook Video By Link

Download Facebook Video Downloader

  1. To download new Facebook videos on Android simply follow these steps.
  2. Access the video from the Facebook app or website you want to download.
  3. Click Share on the web, and then press Copy Link. Copy the link into the Website’s URL bar.
  4. Install in a mobile browser supporting. Several Android browsers do, excepted Chrome
  5. Copy the link and press the Download button.
  6. Tap and hold the image on the next page — standard or HD — if you’re using Chrome, you want change. Only click the connection on Firefox, then tap and hold the video.
  7. Select Download Link in Browser, Save Video in Google chrome, or your browser’s equivalent.
  8. In your Downloads folder, you save the video.Search the position of your browser settings when it’s not inside there.
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Steps To  download Facebook videos With link

Download Facebook Video Downloader

  • To download Facebook videos With Link to your iPhone or iPad simply follow these steps:
  • Access the video you want to download from Facebook online app.
  • Tap Share on the web, and then press Copy Link. Copy a link to the Website in the URL bar.
  • Open all the time in a downloadable browser supporting. Safari and not Chrome, Firefox does almost.
  • Copy the link the link where you are asked, and press Download.
  • Tap and hold the quality — normal or HD — you wish on the next page.
  • Select Download Link in Chrome, or your browser settings version.
  • Go to the Install section of your browser. On Firefox, it can be found on iPhone (it’s on top-right on iPad) via the big mac icon on the top right hand side. Click on the video once in there. Click ‘ Play Save.
  • Switch to the home screen in the Photos app and the video will show up.

Facebook’s Video Downloader is the simplest Video Downloader app specifically designed to help you download videos from Facebook using various approaches. We’re using a video link / URL to import Facebook videos to your device after logging into OR downloading the Facebook video to the “Facebook Video Downloader” app OR searching for your account and choosing the videos you choose to download and save to your phone

Facebook’s Video Downloader helps you to reach your Facebook account using only a secure designed-in app that maintains their private information and allowing them to search through the videos you want to save on your smartphone so that you can watch or share them later with your friends using different apps from your gallery.

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Popular: They will have to use the video link / URL to save Facebook videos to your gallery, simply copy / paste the video link / URL and begin uploading the video without logging in, a verification required.

Download Facebook Video Downloader

How to use Download videos from Facebook using the built-in browser.

  1. Click on Facebook to browse.
  2. Sign in now and browse the screen.
  3. Click here to download the video.
  4. Click the Download button to save to your account.

How to Download Facebook videos using the video link / URL without logging in.

  • Copy the URL / Link to Video.
  • Paste the app on within.
  • Click the Download button.

How to Download Facebook videos by sharing the video with our app.

•       Install Facebook Video Downloader, and start downloading Facebook videos now!

•       The above app is NOT associated or supported by the official Facebook network.

•       Some potentially illegal completely re-uploading or downloading music of Copyrights subject matter and/or abuses shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

•       The above app is designed for people between the ages 13 and over to use.

•       You can download videos without logging in to this app.

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