Canada Is Moving Towards Online Services

Even before the pandemic, e-commerce was on the rise in the United States, United Kingdom, and around the world. Online sales made up nearly $3.5 trillion in online retail sales, and that number is projected to almost double by 2023.

Canada Is Moving Towards Online Services

A big reason why is due to Canadian spending. Not only are Canadians spending money on online retail, but the are several online services that the citizens of Canada are primarily using. Let’s look at a few of them.



Few countries have taken COVID-19 as seriously as Canada has. In a country known for taking Hockey seriously, the Canadian Government refused to allow family members into the arena for the Stanley Cup finals because of the virus. Canadian pharmacies have moved online as well. Out of necessity, medications and other prescription drugs can now mainly be bought through an online pharmacy. Sites such as Canada Drugstore ( have become the frontline suppliers for Canadian prescriptions. They are licensed by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba and can fulfill nearly all of the same functions as a brick-and-mortar drugstore. Like a typical Canadian pharmacy, they do have a facility located on St. Anne’s Road in the Province of Manitoba.

Furthermore, Jason’s uses an easy and efficient four step system to fulfill your orders. They also have a small information center through which they share helpful articles. Discounts and special offers are available if you sign up for their email list. Their success is an indicator of the growth potential of other Canadian online pharmacies. Canadians should grow more accustomed to dealing with their pharmacist in an online setting.

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Another digital trend that was propelled forward due to the pandemic is the use of an online bank. In Canada, Simplii Financial and Tangerine are just two juggernauts of that market. Both Tangerine and Simplii aim to target patrons through their savings accounts, low monthly fees, and unlimited ATM withdrawals. It can become difficult to understand the differences between a Simplii credit card a Tangerine card, which is why having a company that can guide you through the complex world of chequing accounts, credit cards, and other bank accounts is important. As financial institutions shift towards the digital bank model, information and assessment will become more important.

It won’t just be the basic debit card and cheque that changes either. Mutual funds, mortgage options, and annual fees could all see variations to their traditional offerings. Using a trusted source to help you decipher the subtle distinctions between Tangerine, Simplii, ScotiaBank, and PC Financial will impact your cashback opportunities and what sort of minimum balance you can keep. A knowledgeable source will also help you determine which Canadian banks will have branches and access in the territory of Canada you live in. As card companies and banks shift online, be sure to do your research on which banking option is right for you.



Just as COVID drove Manitoba pharmacists and Simplii card users to the digital realm, don’t forget that the government that issued the shutdown also had to transition its services online. According to a survey in October of 2020, the majority of Canadians feel government services should move online. This includes things like applying for healthcare or getting a driver’s license number. Identifying documents have also been created in a digital version. Most of the digital issues with the government revolve around identification for self and others.

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At the core of most of the desire to be online is hygiene. Professional standards are changing and more people are becoming more aware of their wellness. If this continues over the next few years, expect the turn to touchless services like Google pay and Samsung pay to become more common. Beyond that, access to digital services will grow at an exponential rate across Canada.

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