How to Repair It on ITProSPT?

How to Repair It on ITProSPT?

Have you received Bootrec/Fixboot Access is Denied error for Windows 10? Then, you have come to the right place. ITProSPT has recommended some quick solutions to fix the issues. The list includes,

Solution-1: Startup Repair for MBR Disk

This solution is for the people who do not have an EFI partition on the boot disk. If you have a similar situation, do not worry. Follow these simple steps. But, firstly you will need the MiniTool Partition Bootable tool. Once, it has been downloaded, perform the following operations.

  • Select the reserve partition of about 500 MB, then choose Format Partition from the panel. You’ll receive a warning message, but ignore it, and click on ‘Yes’.
  • The pop-up menu will open. Add NTFS as the file system and press Enter. Then, from the toolbar, click on Apply.

Once these operations have been performed, get your Windows 10 repaired using Startup Repair Utility. Follow the instructions:

  • From Windows Installation Media, boot your PC.
  • From the initial screen, select the settings. And click on Repair Computer instead of Install Now.
  • Then, click on Troubleshoot> Advanced settings.
  • You’ll find an option for Startup Repair. It will automatically begin to detect the errors. Press any key to boot the system, and wait till the Windows starts to load.

Unluckily, if it doesn’t work, move on to the next solution to fix Bootrec/Fixboot Access Is Denied error.

Solution-2: Run CHKDSK

Now, this method can be used with the MiniTool Partition Bootable tool or windows installation disk.

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Option A: Windows Installation Disk

  • After booting the Windows, skip the first screen, and click ‘Repair your Computer.
  • Then, click Troubleshoot> Command Prompt.
  • Type ‘chkdsk c:/r’ and press Enter. It will load the windows in drive C. If you want to change the partition system, edit it.
  • Leave it until the process is completed.

Option B: MiniTool Partition Bootable tool

  • Open the tool and choose Partition Wizard to boot the Windows. Now, write down the drive’s letter and remember it.
  • Then, exit the Wizard and select Command Console.
  • Write ‘chkdsk c: r/ and Enter.
  • Let, the process complete.

If you fail to get results from either of these fixes, then move on to the following process.

Know More:

Solution-3: Reinstall and Save Data

If that doesn’t help as well, the last option is to reinstall Windows 10. But before doing it, don’t forget to save your data. You can choose two options:

  • If you are using MiniTool Partition Wizard, use the feature of Copy Disk. It will back up the whole drive and reformat it while you reinstall the Windows.
  • If you have MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate, use the feature of Data Recover to recover the saved files from the system partition and then install the new windows.

If you are searching the query: bootrec/fixboot access is denied: how to repair it on ITProSPT? Then, this is the right place for you. These are the top 3 methods recommended by the ITProSPT. This easy-to-follow guide is a quick fix to your error fix.

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