Best walking shoes

You don’t necessarily have to be a marathoner to burn calories. Before you walk out of the door, you must manage to have the best walking shoes for you that’s comfortable all day, cushions your heel, and looks cute at the same time. Walking shoes are built for comfort. It means that they are not always attractive and catchy.

Best walking shoes

Most walking shoes are designed to give comfortable and cushioning support to your feet. But, people usually look for shoes that have all the essentials that walking shoes should have, and must be modish and fashionable at the same time. If you’re a frequent walker, here are some of the best walking shoes for you that favor support, stability, and comfort. Below are some best walking shoes for high arches that you can try.

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1. Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker is a very comfortable pair of walking shoes. People who suffer from foot and leg pains claimed that using this model alleviated their discomfort and pain. Moreover, the footwear is considered durable.

Coming to fashion and styling, the overall design of the product seems stylish. And most importantly, the price of this model was reasonable, given its quality build. Generally, the people who have used this model have enjoyed the flexibility and comfort level, and they considered it very supportive and long-lasting.


Genuinely comfortable, long-lasting, and durable footwear designed for walking within a very reasonable price. This model is comfortable to wear for long periods


Some of the customers complained that the shoe is stout and looked clunky, and its interior gets hot. Although the majority of the customers liked its style, some thought otherwise.

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2. Sketchers Performance men’s walk slip-on walking shoe

Ever since Skecher’s inception, you can see people wearing them everywhere. It’s not a surprise because Sketchers has become the third-largest footwear brand in America. It has all the essentials for consistent performance and ranks it on the top among the most comfortable walking shoes for men.

It slips on and off easily. It’s made of mesh fabric. It helps make the shoe light-weight, and one of the best things about mesh fabrics is the way they provide excellent ventilation. Your feet remain comfortable no matter how much you walk from place to place in your everyday life.


These are light-weight but still are considered durable and well ventilated by many. They are likely to be slipped on and off easily.


Although they are considered long-lasting and durable by many, some customers still have concerns regarding their durability.

3. Men’s Balance MX608V4

Mx608v4 is like for many reasons, comfort being one of the main reasons. It combines many elements, including a quality rubber sole, a cushioned footbed, and a range of sizing that works for men having wide or narrow feet. The thick rubber sole provides excellent grip, which provides a delicate balance.

It has excellent breathability and doesn’t get overheated even when you’re on a long walk. With all these elements that this model has, you can get it within a very reasonable price range.


It fits well on all sizes of feet, providing an excellent balance and traction. It’s a quality shoe at an affordable price.

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It’s not considered as stylish as other walking shoes.

Final words:

Considering all the factors, these are some of the best shoes for walkers. They can rely on these models for their long walks or the routine daytime walks. You can check out bestfashionnova for more details reviews of different type of shoes.

That’s all about best walking shoes, if you still have any confusion let us know, we will try our best to help you.

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