Best FGO Servants To Use And Summon

Online games are rapidly becoming popular day by day. Many gamers are always on the lookout for new and exciting released games. Among those popular online games played by many is the Fate/Grand Order (FGO). The game is widely popular because of its characters called Servants.

Best FGO Servants To Use And Summon

Whether you have played FGO already on your PC or not, this article will let you discover how cool the game is and what makes it a great online game to play. You will know how the game is played and the best FGO servants to win the game.

What are FGO Servants?

Servants of FGO are valiant forces controlled by the player during wars. These servants typically take the type of recognized characters from different histories, myths, and literature backgrounds. Each servant has an intellectual experience, proactive awareness, and a brave imagination.

Using on-site invocations such as holy quartz and call tokens, the players may request and receive servants. Any servants may be rewarded at activities and for a finite period. There are different servants according to their availability and here are some kinds of best FGO servants.

Types of FGO Servants

Starting Servant is a servant that is always available, even during the beginning of the game. You cannot sell or use other improvisations for other servants. In the game, the only starting servant public is Mash Kyrielight.

Next, there are non-limited servants. This type of servant can be found in the general summoning area in the game. You can freely summon non-limited servants anytime. The Friend Summon Only servants are the type that you can call using Friend Points. These points can be earned in the game.

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Some servants are available in the Story Commands once you have completed another level. These servants are called Story-Locked Servants. If you want to get servants from events, you might get the Welfare Servants or Limited Servants. For those servants are yet to be earned, they are called Unavailable.

The classes of FGO Servants

Besides their flexibility, workers are still primarily classified. There are three classes of servants: Knight’s, Infantry, and Additional Classes.  The three groups comprise 13 subgroups, typically the primary criterion for the servant category. Here are the 13 servant classes that you need to know.

The Shielder

Shielders are called Defense Masters. Soldiers in this category mainly use a shield and are effective at defending a squad. However, don’t get too enthusiastic. Only Mashu Kyrielight, who is the first servant of the game, is the recognized servant of that category.

The Saber

Sabers are usually considered the most vigorous class and are quick and versatile. These fighters have blades and, in various situations, are helpful. They even have the power to rid a cavalier.

A Saber’s base stats include a base death rate of thirty-five percent. The archers also have a double damage control against Sabers, and they take fifty percent of the damage from them. Overall, Sabers have a 1.0 base damage multiplier among other servants.

The Archer

Archer servants typically live indefinitely and have skill shot abilities. They’re suitable for long-range fights, thus. Their Valiant Fantasies are crafted to assault a whole opposing squad in one go, which makes them a vital member of each team.

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Lancers are energetic servants with long-range arms like bows. However, several Lancers bring lancers in the match, as the name suggests. They still have considerable experience in conducting fast strikes and techniques. Sabers are taking Lancers part of their loss but are causing them additional damage.


Most of Rider’s servants have honorable fantasies that stress velocity and strength. They have a peculiar talent named Running, which grants them absolute control over their mounts, from regular horse riders to magical animals.

The Casters

In Magecraft, casters are talented and can use magic at the top standard efficiently. Casters also have a specific capacity to establish a domain. It helps them to change or construct energy within them, equivalent to what is called Truth Marble.


The murderers are experts at homicide, as their title implies. They are professional servants of secrecy, disguise, and private practices. Casters handle the killers with double destruction. Sabers are taking dual harm to runners and berserkers. But Riders can only hurt them by half, while Berserkers can do 50 percent extra harm.


Servants of this category are also legends who, in their lives, became miserable or berserk. Berserkers have the potential to exchange their health for a massive strength upgrade called Insane Reinforcement.


The kings of the Holy Grail War are slaves. Rulers are managers of functions in the Fate system, and they can use Order Spells. But in FGO, for a Holy Grail Battle, you don’t have to control Rulers. Instead, they work as ordinary servants. With this in view, though, the leaders are very influential servants,

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Servants of this category are revolting because they have been mistaken in their former lives. In the past, they have tremendous hate, and they endure these emotions when they are summoned. Avengers themselves represent hate.

Moon Cancers

Moon cancer is generally known as abnormal, threatening moon worlds. This is an AI class known as the BB. Moon Cancers treat Rulers with dual loss and lose half of them. Moon Cancers cause Avengers and Berserkers’ second harm. However, Berserkers could destroy them for 50 percent more.

Alter Egos

Alter Egos aren’t the usual servants that are noble soul manifestations. Alter Egos are instead embodiments of other ghosts’ urges, feelings, and characteristics. Alter Ego is formed by the freedom of someone of a specific heroic character as a distinct individual.


Foreigners are outsiders servants from diverse cultures. They are slaves who can exert influence beyond human territory. Level servants are hard to locate and can be found for a short time.


Each servant is unique, and so is each gamer. No matter who you call, servers won’t do their utmost if they don’t spend time together to expand their servants. The participants still have to keep their FGO slaves the greatest.

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