Beach themed save the dates for your destination wedding.

Are you planning your wedding alongside Moana? Beach save the dates for weddings are the best option to go with. No matter what event you will organize, either throwing a birthday party or planning a nuptial settlement beach-themed save the dates for weddings will just set the mood for you.

Beach themed save the dates will have your relatives and friends all excited to be a part of the event. But the question is how to customize a succulent theme postcard? Worry not! We have got you covered for that in this article.

What are things to be considered while coming up with a beach-themed save the date card?

Beach is a fun place. It just sets the mood in the summer. A save the date card must reflect the thematic climate and aura. Beach themed save the dates must be refreshing to look at representing a blend of carefree summer beach vibe and wedding events.

Enumerated below are some points that will help you develop a unique beach-themed postcard.

colors of the save the date cards:

Imagine a sandy beach with its sea sparkling under summer’s sun. You need to catch just this vibe, a blend of dazzling summer and refreshing sea.

So what colors do you think you should go for? White, yellow, blue and brown! Something that appropriately gives the beach vibe when looked at. A harmony of subtle and sunny colors that perfectly complement each other!

Choose the lightest and most succulent color for the base. Now paint other colors over it to make it look like a beach, maybe, or any other coastline.

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With the selection of thematic colors, you have achieved the first milestone!

Pictures for the card:

What comes next is embellishing the save to date card with pictures of whatever you like. But preferring the theme, starfish and oysters might do the work for you.

Pick up flowers and tropical trees that might go with the theme. You can put the waves into the frame if you like. Design it with whatever you prefer it to be.

If not, you can add your pictures as well. It completely depends on your preference.

Make it look breezy and lucid to make it appealing.

Accessories for finishing:

To add a little magic, add some accessories to it. You may attach a ribbon made of pearls at one corner of the card to give it an elegant look.

Add accessories that remind one of the beaches. To give an exclusive experience to your guests, you can add scents similar to the fragrance of the ocean and sandy beach. It will take them to the beach virtually without actually going there.

After this, you completed your save-the-date postcards with the beach theme. All you need is to add lines to remind your guests of the event to mark their calendars.

Add lines to invite them:

Last to the customization of these cards is adding the catchy lines to convince your guests, living far-off places, to be a part of the event.

Address them politely and convince them with your words. Do not sugar coat your words. Just let them know about your genuine feelings.

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And then you are done with the “save the date” postcard!

Why is it necessary to pick the beach theme to save the date cards?

A save the date card should be an actual manifestation of the party’s theme. If you are preparing for a beach-themed wedding, let the guest know about it.

This way, they can easily judge the aura and climate of the venue to dress accordingly. The theme will help them pick up just the right dress for the event. To vibe with the mood, one needs to wear the dress accordingly. You can not wear a formal dress code to a cozy or fun party.

It will just spoil the mode and vibe.

Summing up:

A save the date card is the first official announcement by the couple to tell the world about the commencement of a new chapter of their life. It is a reminder to their guests to make out of their busy schedule, so it must depict the event’s theme. This way, guests can prepare for it from the get-go.

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