Inspecting piping, sewer lines, and drains using a camera is known as a Closed Circuit Television Video (CTTV) inspection. Using CCTV cameras, plumbers can inspect sewage problems without tearing up floors or ripping up walls to get to the pipes.

A CCTV sewer inspection is more economical for determining the source of clogs in pipes and sewers.

Homeowners can benefit significantly from CCTV video cameras in determining the root cause of sewage damage, which may include:

  • Colonisation by roots
  • Broken windows, damaged walls, and broken windows
  • Fracture of the pipe
  • Pipes with a skewed junction
  • Corrosion
  • wear and tear over time
  • Poorly executed installation or past attempts at repair
  • Damage caused by unintentional puncturing
  • Disruption to the extreme

The advantages of a CCTV video inspection

Using video cameras to inspect sewage lines is one of the most valuable developments in plumbing technology in recent decades. By feeding a high-tech camera on a wire down your drains and into your sewage system, your plumber will be able to provide you with an in-depth, real-time report on the condition of your pipes. A video camera examination will allow your plumber to quickly and correctly locate the problem, whether a blocked, bellied, cracked, crushed, or entirely detached sewage pipe, and work on the proper remedy.

There are several advantages for homeowners that use video technology for early examinations. It would help if you used a plumber that uses a CCTV camera for inspections for several reasons, including the following:

  • Price-wise, they don’t break the bank.

Professionals in the field of pipe repair may advise homeowners suffering from broken sewer lines on the most cost-effective method of fixing the problem. There are situations where it is not essential to replace the entire length of a buried sewage line. The damaged portion may be isolated, and repairs can be concentrated to save time and money.

  • They don’t harm the planet in any way.

CCTV pipe inspections don’t need any digging. In other words, the inspection procedure won’t harm any plants, bushes, or other forms of vegetation.

  • They are good at spotting issues early on.

An immediate pinpointing of the source of the plumbing problem is guaranteed with a CCTV sewer inspection. The CCTV cameras used for inspections can check the whole line, eliminating guessing and allowing plumbers to get to the bottom of the problem.

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A Variety of Sewer Line Problems are Detected With a Video Inspection.

By inspecting your drains and sewer lines with state-of-the-art video equipment, your plumber can spot any problems, no matter how distant they are from the drain or sewer. A video examination may find any issue, from damaged or collapsed pipes to ugly obstructions creating back-ups and foul odours.

Using a sewer camera, you can monitor the condition of your pipes over time.

Over time, there will be a buildup of filth and dirt inside your sewer pipes from coagulated grease, soap scum, debris, and rotting food. Your plumber can often tell whether your pipes need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced by video inspecting them.

One of the many benefits of video sewer inspections is avoiding costly repairs.

It’s essential to immediately address any problems with your sewage line since they might pose a significant risk to your home and health. Sewage water poses a severe health risk if it seeps into your house or company through cracks in the foundation or if it floods your landscape, and fixing this problem may be rather costly.

A video assessment of the sewage system can spot issues before they cause significant overflows. Your plumber can review your choices with you if a weakness is found.

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