7 Amazing Mother’s Day Food Ideas

By now, you must have picked great gifts and unique cards to please your superwoman. But have you ever thought about which gesture can touch her heart? I guess, yes, you have. That’s the reason you are here to make your lady’s day a memorable one.

7 Amazing Mother’s Day Food Ideas

As said, the best way to shower love is to offer delicious home-cooked food to your loved one. The same goes with mother’s also, to them you might give thousands of presents, but if you give her a day off from the kitchen and cook some flavourful meal, she’ll be impressed right away.

It might not be easy to please your superwoman but remember, your mother cherishes every gesture of yours. She loves even the most minor efforts you put into bringing a smile to her face. She is not wooed by expensive gifts but by the actions you constantly try to make her day exciting.

You might think that your timeless beauty will love online cake delivery in Dhanbad or wherever she is, and this might surprise her, but only home-cooked delights can leave her wow. Your efforts are the ultimate thing she looks for. Therefore, give her a day off and cook whatever she likes but if you are confused, then let me give you some bright options your mother would absolutely love.

Here, I have listed down 7 lunch or dinner food guides that will help you give a good food surprise to your bundle of prettiness.

Banana Pancakes

I consider this one of the easiest things to cook, and again, it is loved by most people today. Pancakes are famous around the world, and almost everyone likes the flavours it offers. With honey dripping over the side, making it a delicious and delicate food item to serve. Try to serve it hot and round and leave the rest on your mom. You can order it for your mother or send it this mothers day it will indeed be the best mothers day gift from daughters

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Walnut Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate brownie is standard, go another way and add walnuts to it. Your mom needs to stay healthy and eat well at this point in time. Walnuts have distinct flavours to offer and are suitable for health when mixed with dark chocolate. Therefore, cook a walnut brownie and ice cream for your mom. Serve the brownie hot with cool ice cream at the top. Let your mummy appreciate you.

Grilled Salmon Fillets

This is another alluring dish to offer on mother’s day. Grilled salmon served with grilled lemons adds a smoky tartness to the butter made to enjoy the grilled salmon fillets. Add dill sauce for the freshness of the fillets. It tastes good and looks fantastic when served. Do not leave a chance to impress your mom with it.

Rosemary Red Pepper Chicken

So, your mom is a chicken lover? If yes, then give her tongue unique flavours of this particular recipe, I would suggest. This savoury chicken is not that spicy as you think. It is a perfect blend of dried rosemary mixed with onion, garlic, parsley and different spices on the boneless chicken breasts. Cook it nicely; it is easy to prepare and mouth-watering in taste.

Fruit Custard

One of the healthiest and loved by all dessert. Isn’t it? The flavour of fruits and custard powder mixed differently in sweetened condensed milk makes it a heavenly affair. It is equally a healthy dessert to offer your mom at this age. Prepare a mouth-watering fruit custard for your superwoman and leave her nomnomnom.

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Baked Cheese Sauce Pasta

This is one of the most undervalued food items. If you are not much good at cooking or your mom loves the flavours of cheese. She will love to have it, and it will be an easy-peasy dish to prepare in a short time. Don’t forget to add some veggies like mushrooms, broccoli, sweet corn and yellow and red bell paper. This will add more flavour to the cheesy taste you decided. Bake it, don’t burn it and let your mom appreciate your efforts.

Cranberry Orange Mimosas

Champagne for a special occasion mixed with orange juice and tart cranberries to balance the sweetness of this elegant and perfect drink for brunch or dinner. It needs not much effort; if your mom is a fan of champagne or appreciates such beverages, then this will be soothing to her, and she will love to have it anytime.


Well, now I guess you are completed ready to woo your timeless beauty with your exemplary cooking skills. Suppose you are still confused about the taste and flavours of any of the items mentioned above, then why you try once before May 9 and check whether your mom will love it or not. I hope I helped you avoid confusion by giving a good list of delicious items your mom may appreciate.

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