5 things to consider when deciding on a coworking space

According to an article from 2019, Melbourne has the most coworking space in Australia. Furthermore, it states that the coworking space in Melbourne has grown progressively, to a data which is almost half of the co-working spaces in Australia. A report suggests that the shared office space in Australia, including Melbourne, will triple by 2030. So, whether you are a newly launched startup or a freelancer, you can look for this space in Melbourne.

5 things to consider when deciding on a coworking space

The options are getting diverse since many people are looking for them. Many prefer to work in a shared office space because it has better amenities and comes with affordable rent. Plus, the interiors are visually appealing, and the workspace is cost-effective. Since it has many advantages, it is always an excellent idea to consider choosing a shared workspace. Read on to learn the various factors to consider while picking a co-working space.


The location of the co-working space is a crucial key factor in your decision-making process. The time at the office or the time you spend on transport will be determined. So, you can choose a location close to your home and allow you to commute easily. In a nutshell, the place must be easily accessible to you. In case your clients visit you frequently, make sure the location is suitable for them too. When choosing a location, you can also consider the restaurants and grocery stores. If you don’t want to spend time cooking, you can make your way to the restaurant. In case you prefer home-cooked meals, you can opt for accessibility to the grocery stores.

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Budget is considered a key factor. If you are starting your business, you must be aware of the investments that come with it. That’s when you have to keep your expenses at a minimum. Additionally, excessive spending for office space is not a good strategy whether you have a stable business or an established clientele. You must always pick an office space that is appropriate and fits your budget. After all, you don’t want your monthly rent to become a liability. If you look for a traditional workspace, it will be more expensive to set up and run than the shared workspace. You can save money to generate income and new business leads.


Major amenities must be available at the shared office. For instance, you might require facilities such as maintenance, air-conditioning systems and furnishings. You can attain fully equipped workspaces at a wide range of prices. You can also look for lockers, printers or scanners, Wi-Fi, security, cafeteria, and power backup facilities. Make sure that the space is a good fit and the cost is inexpensive.


When you look for a co-working space in Melbourne, you must ensure that it is flexible in terms of future expansion and timing. You must be able to use the office space during the off-days you choose to work on and your work timings. You will find multiple workspaces with use round the clock. Some of these offices cease the operations of cafeteria and front desk service after regular work hours. Hence, it is recommended to enquire about special hours. Some spaces allow you to choose the hours based on the plan. Workspace modification is another aspect of flexibility. You must be able to downsize with minimal time wastage and accommodate the expansion of space.

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5.Type of space:

A shared working space provides different desks such as fixed desks, cabin space and hot desks in the facilities. You can attain the hot desks on a first-come and first-served basis. Plus, they are the most affordable desks and a smart option for freelancers. You can also look out for cabin space, a typical office suite accessible to you and your team. It is also excellent for work that involves handling confidential information and extensive interaction with clients. If you are the only one using the desks or space, fixed desks are suitable for you. Well, it means you have your dedicated desk for your work needs and comfort.

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