5 players who beat the casino

Online casinos are becoming all the rage in these times. The number of people who want to make a profit conveniently at home is constantly rising. Gambling is one of the best options for earning money online. It allows people to combine work and pleasure. They can enjoy watching their favorite sporting events or play video games, place bets and win money and all of that may be done simultaneously. Plenty of people are curious how much money they can earn and whether it is possible to become rich out of this activity. So, success in casino depends on several factors which will be mentioned later on in the article. Some experienced players have already proven that it is possible to beat the casino and win big. Here is the list of 5 people who have won huge sums of money playing online games.

Phil Ivey

This is a man with a real talent in poker. The American has been viewed as one of the most successful gamblers in the world. Ivey is the owner of ten World Series of Poker bracelets and it is not the luck that made him victorious but his ability to observe the game. Phil often plays in casinos in Las Vegas and has already beaten a few of them several times and won immense sums of money. He managed to earn even from $10 to 12$ million in one day.

Andrew Bloch

This professional gambler started to think about beating the casino when he was only a student. Bloch created his own computer program that helped him to win in online poker. With its help, Andy has managed to earn a million dollars in just a six months period. Then he started to take part in offline poker tournaments and also won huge money prizes. By the way, https://parimatch.in/en/ipl-app provides players with an opportunity to play poker online. So, if you want to try this game, you should definitely visit this platform.

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Don Johnson

He is an extremely successful player who has managed to beat the casino in 2011 and win $15 million. Johnson’s sphere of proficiency is blackjack. He often took advantage of all the bonuses, free bets and cashback which allowed Don to increase his capital significantly,

Joseph Jagger

This man proved that in order to beat a casino all that is needed is the brain and a little bit of luck. Jagger decided to observe a roulette wheel in different casinos for some time. He analyzed the movement of the ball and noted down the numbers that fell most often. Joseph came to the conclusion that there is a certain pattern in the mechanism of the work of all roulette wheels and this knowledge helped him to win a fortune in the Monte Carlo casino.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

This man was a simple mathematician who devoted his leisure time to playing roulette. Gonzalo was passionate about studying different strategies for playing this game because he did not believe in pure luck. He collected some necessary data while playing roulette and then analyzed it on a computer. The received information Garcia-Pelayo put into practice in casinos and one day he managed to beat a casino and win a million euros.

Therefore, as it appears, there are certain things that are important to know in order to beat a casino. First of all, luck is not enough to achieve success. What is more valuable is a detailed analysis. Also, it is recommended to keep track of all the games and note down mistakes in order to avoid them in future.

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In conclusion, all these people mentioned above prove that it is indeed possible to become rich from playing online games.

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