5 Essentials To Make A Perfect SEO Report

Are you doing SEO for your clients?

Do you need to show them what you have done to date?  

SEO reports are exactly what you need to show to your clients. This is the exact opportunity you need to use to show the SEO results you have brought to the clients.

Now the question is what an SEO reports it and how to make one. There are a number of tools available online for making a promising SEO report. So, you can get one from https://thenewpiratebay.org/.

However, in case you want to make one on your own with the necessary data, here we will tell you what the essentials you need to add here.

What Is An SEO Report? 

SEO reporting is all about tracking the SEO performance of your website. The report tells which SEO marketing effort or strategy is working along with recommending opportunities for growth.

In short, an SEO report is a report that shows how your SEO strategies are performing.

5 Essentials To Make A Perfect Report 

As we have mentioned earlier, here are the essentials that you must include for making a perfect SEO report. Let’s have a look at them now.

Essential No. 1: Traffic Channels

In most cases, your clients always want to increase the organic traffic for their websites. That is why you should start the report with the organic traffic of the website. On the source or medium of traffic, it is crucial to present charts and metrics.

It will offer more specific information about the exact source of the traffic. It will also let you find those areas where you need to invest your money and effort more. For this, you can utilize the potential of Google Analytics.

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Essential No. 2: Page Level Traffic

This part of your SEO report will explain exactly where the visitors are landing whenever they are coming to your website. This report will also let you check all the content pieces that visitors are clicking on to which the traffic is coming.

A huge number of valuable conclusions can be drawn from this report. For example, in case any page has a number of links to a lot of pdf reports that are not getting clicks, it might trigger your client to recognize that specific part.

Essential No. 3: Conversion Rate And Goal Competition

Traffic is always great, but translating conversions are even greater. A lot of clients are most interested in the conversion rate, and that is why you have to mention the conversation rate just after the traffic part.

The report will also explain why that particular conversion rate is meeting or not meeting the expectations. In order to demonstrate the conversion rates to the client, a goal tracking report is among the best ones.

Essential No. 4: Output From The Page Speed Insight Tool

Now, this one not only explains the speed of the web pages to the clients but also mentions what is required to fix the problem. With the critical SEO aspects, in conjunction, it is also crucial to handle UX.

Often, something like a video or a trivial few lines of Javascript for slowing the speed of a page down. There are a number of tools that find out the underlying technical issues which are impacting your overall SEO.


Essential No. 5: Include Details OF Time On Site, And Bounce Rate

All those pages that are the core of your client’s website always require your special focus. That is why you also need to think about the bounce rate and time on-site as well. All those pages are made with the expectation that your visitors will spend most of the time there.

The content you have on those pages should be capable of sticking the customers to your website. Equipped your landing pages with a number of outbound links along with pass-through pages should not worry at all about time on site and bounce rate.

Make A Perfect SEO Report

Now, you know what the essentials you need to include in your SEO report. Your SEO report must include all the aspects of SEO and how it has changed since the last report. You need to compare both to analyze and make later strategies.

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